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Welcome to the HoT Site Empty Welcome to the HoT Site

Post by Devlin Wed Oct 19, 2011 3:47 pm

Greetings, and Welcome to Hope of Tragedy! H.O.T is one of the few predominately-female clans within the League of Legends Gaming Community, and our members pride themselves on that fact. Despite other clans, we focus on game play, strategy, teamwork, and above all, having fun. The skill level may vary among summoners, however, all of our members are competitive, diverse, and respectful, and nothing of the contrary will be tolerated. As the newest member, we encourage you to get to know everyone. While most members will invite you to play games regularly, whether normal, ranked, or custom, we have a few reserved members that are more selective or meticulous with whom they decide to queue. This should not offend you, but encourage you to grow and mature as a player. We host and stream tournaments regularly, all of which we wish you to participate, and while it is not mandatory, in-activity is discouraged. Make use of our website by posting guides, tips, etc, so that other players can benefit from your experience/talent, and also to stay current on activities, changes, turnies, etc. To resolve issues and/or problems, we have appointed “Officers”, and the Officer charged over you is “………..” All problems, complaints, promotions, etc, begin with your Officer. Again, welcome, good luck, have fun, and see you in game.

Written by: Spartan
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