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Li Li's Application

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Li Li's Application Empty Li Li's Application

Post by Li Li Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:11 am

Summoner name:Li Li

Summoner lv: 30

Time played weekly:12-40 Hours

Average time played daily and what times: Canadian West Coast

Reason for joining: Friends are within the Clan, like the people within it.

Top 3 characters: Akali,Anivia,Katarina

Top characters according to type;
AD Carry: Irelia
AP Carry: Anivia
Tank: Mundo/Shen
Hybrid: Akali
Jungle: Irelia

IRL name: Go by Li Li

Age: Really no ones buisness, you mods know so that's good enough.

Sex: Female

A little about yourself: A gamer gal, enjoy friendly people, flirtratious, playful.

Li Li
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